Book Review: The Cornish Secret of Summer’s Promise by Laura Briggs

Thank you to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for giving me the opportunity to review The Cornish Secret of Summer’s Promise by Laura Briggs


As Spring slips away from the hotel Penmarrow, excitement builds for an exclusive auction hosted at the hotel, featuring priceless possessions from a Hollywood actress turned lady of the manor,including her famous diamonds. Celebrities and collectors form a crowd that is keeping Maisie andthe rest of staff busy, even as Maisie faces a crossroads for her manuscript.

But when the diamonds are stolen and Sidney is accused by the authorities, Maisie’s dilemma as awriter is pushed aside out of fear that his future in Port Hewer is in jeopardy. Desperation to provethat someone else is behind the theft will lead Maisie to uncover a very different secret outside ofj thieves and village rumors … one that could change her life and her future forever.

Can Maisie deal with the latest secrets exposed—including those that paint Sidney’s past in aquestionable light? And as summer’s dawn alters her idyllic life in Cornwall, will Maisie’s feelings forSidney change as well


This is the third Laura Briggs book I have read and it’s the fourth book in the A Little Hotel in Cornwall series. I absolutely loved reading this but I do advise you read the other books in the series, however, it can be read as a standalone. There are  plenty of twists and turns involved with just enough romance and mystery to keep you hooked. It was a wonderful read.

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