Not Myself Today by Muriel Ellis Pritchett @PritchettMuriel @rararesources

Thank you to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for giving me the chance to review Not Myself Today by Muriel Ellis Pritchett


High school soccer star Lindsey Anderson was at the top of her game with graduation approaching and a full-ride soccer scholarship offer in her hand. Then she dropped dead on the soccer field, only to wake up in the body of a teenage sex-trafficking victim. No one believes who she really is. Not even her dad. Chased by her new body’s drug-dealing pimp and rabid parapsychologists out to dissect her, Lindsey searches to get her body and her life back before graduation day. Can her BFF and the high school nerdy boy she detests help save her life?


Not myself Today was a rather interesting read. It had me gripped from the start and had me on the edge of my seat throughout. It was a very emotional ride but absolutely fantastic. It was brilliantly written and thought out. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, even if it was difficult at times.


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Authors Bio

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Muriel Ellis Pritchett graduated from theUniversity of Georgia and began her journalism career while living in Japan and Germany. Her journalism career included playwriting, editing and writing for magazines and newspapers, andworking in public relations, university relations, and media relations.After retiring, Muriel’s family doctor recommended she get a hobby. So, she began writing fun fiction about feisty older women who had been wronged and had to pull themselves up out of themuck. But her award winning fourth book, Not Myself Today, is a change in genresa YA paranormal thriller. It is scheduled for release September 24, 2020. Her first three “fruity” books, fun romance for older women, are Making Lemonade, Like Peaches and Pickles, and Rotten Bananas and the Emerald Dream. She is currently working on another “fruity” book, titled Sour Grapes and BalmyKnight.When not writing, Muriel loves cruising all over the world, eating good Belgian chocolate, and spending time in any Disney park. Her favorite Disney attractions are SOARING at Disney World’s EPCOT in Florida, Alice’s Curious Labyrinth at Disneyland Paris, Journey to the Center of the Earth at DisneySeas in Tokyo, and Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland in California

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