Driftwood Pyre- Strangeways EP

Driftwood Pyre is an American garage band that has been around for quite some time. After their previous release was released in 2015 the band have gone from strength to strength. They are now back with a brand new EP, “Strangeways”. The EP opens with “Shatter Star” and it is a good representation of what […]

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Crejuvent- Time EP

Crejuvent is an extreme metal person, I say person because it is just one man doing his thing. After the release of “Pretty Demos” in 2015, Crejuvent is back with his debut EP, “Time”. The EP opens to the frantic “Fuck this shit” before kicking into “Code Orange” that has a riff that reminds me […]

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The Hellfreaks- Astoria

The Hellfreaks are a female fronted punk band from Hungary. They formed in 2009 and have since gone on to grow rapidly. The band consists of Vocalist, Shakey Sue, Guitarist, Bánhegyi Tamás, Bassist, Domján Gabi and Drummer, Budai Béla. “Astoria” is their third release. Opening track “Burn the Horizon”, really sets the tone for the […]

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Marilyn Manson- Heaven Upside Down

The self proclaimed God of Fuck is back with another killer album. After a few delays he has finally released his tenth studio album, Heaven Upside Down. Stand out tracks include “Tattooed in Reverse”. Then there are the singles, “We know where you fucking live” and “Kill4me”. Then it kicks into “Say10” and “ unsurprisingly […]

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American Standards – Anti-Melody

American Standards are a four piece, hardcore punk outfit from Arizona. The band is made up of vocalist, Brandon Kellum, guitarist, Corey Skowronski, bassist, Steven Mandell and drummer,  Mitch Hosier. They recently released their fourth album Anti-Melody. The album kicks off with the singles “Writers block party” and “Carpe Diem, Tomorrow”.  They are both in […]

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Stone Sour- Hydrograd

  As is the case of the past few years, Corey Taylor takes time away from Slipknot to focus on Stone Sour. After hitting the scene in 2002 the band have just gone from strength to strength, even seeing a few line up changes over the past few years. They are now back with yet […]

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AmyCanBe – Wolf

Amycanbe are an alternative band from Italy. They originally formed as a two-piece in 2002 but then formed as a four-piece in 2005. The band is made up of vocalist Francesca, guitarist/bassist/keys, Mattia, keys, Marco and keys, Matta. They recently released their  third album“Wolf”. The single “Grano” kicks the album off with it’s slow, beautiful […]

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