American Standards – Anti-Melody

American Standards are a four piece, hardcore punk outfit from Arizona. The band is made up of vocalist, Brandon Kellum, guitarist, Corey Skowronski, bassist, Steven Mandell and drummer,  Mitch Hosier. They recently released their fourth album Anti-Melody. The album kicks off with the singles “Writers block party” and “Carpe Diem, Tomorrow”.  They are both in […]

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Stone Sour- Hydrograd

  As is the case of the past few years, Corey Taylor takes time away from Slipknot to focus on Stone Sour. After hitting the scene in 2002 the band have just gone from strength to strength, even seeing a few line up changes over the past few years. They are now back with yet […]

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AmyCanBe – Wolf

Amycanbe are an alternative band from Italy. They originally formed as a two-piece in 2002 but then formed as a four-piece in 2005. The band is made up of vocalist Francesca, guitarist/bassist/keys, Mattia, keys, Marco and keys, Matta. They recently released their  third album“Wolf”. The single “Grano” kicks the album off with it’s slow, beautiful […]

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Papa Roach-Crooked Teeth

Everyone’s favourite Californian rockers, Papa Roach, are back with yet another killer album, “Crooked Teeth” being their ninth offering. While the album packs a punch, the stand out tracks include “American Dreams” which could be likened to being the more political and modern equivalent of  “Broken Home”, it is also perhaps the best song on […]

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Paramore-After Laughter

It is safe to say that Paramore have grown up, leading to a somewhat drastic change in music style. We first got a taste of their new eclectic style with their previous self titled album “Paramore”. Now just over four years on the trio are back with yet more quirkiness with their fifth studio album […]

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Davey Suicide – Made from Fire

Davey Suicide returns. It is safe to say that after a few “issues” it was unknown as to when Mr Suicide and Co would be releasing any new material. Well, despite the odds, three years after the release of the incredible “Worldwide Suicide” and after a year of countless obstacles, Davey Suicide is back with an outstanding new […]

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Threatpoint – RIP

Threatpoint are an American four-piece, metal band from Scranton, Pennsylvania who formed in 2012. Threatpoint are made up of vocalist Chris James, drummer, C J Krukowski, guitarist, Alex Olivetti and bassist, Matthew Van Fleet. They have already released two full length albums, 2013’s Dead to Rise and 2014’s offering, Careful What you wish for. They have […]

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Less Than Jake – Sound The Alarm EP

On February 3rd, everyone’s favourite Ska-punk band, Less than Jake, will release a new killer EP “Sound the Alarm”. Kicking things off is the infectious punkness of “Call to arms” before switching to a more ska song with “Whatever the weather”. Then there is “Bomb Drop”, which is one of the more energetic songs on the EP, with […]

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