Crossing Eternity – The Rising World.

Crossing Eternity are a Romanian/Swedish symphonic power metal/rock trio. They consists of Berti Barbera (Lead Vocal/percussion instruments), Manu Savu (Guitar/ Bass/ Keyboards) and Uffe Tillman (Drums / Percussion). The Rising World is the bands latest release. Stand out tracks include opening track “Crossing Eternity” and is a wonderful introduction to the album. Some other stand out […]

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A World Extinct – Theodicy

A World Extinct is a metalcore band from southern California. The band currently consists of Christopher Julian (Vocals), Ian Parra (Guitar), Ryan Hamilton (Guitar), Damon Porras (Bass/Vocals) and David Ochoa (Drums/Keys/Programming). Theodicy is the bands latest release. Kicking this six track EP off is the killer track “Words of a Wanderer” before storming into “Bridge […]

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Meka Nism – The War Inside EP

Meka Nism are a female fronted band that hails from Florida. The band formed in 2006 and have gone on to release multiple EPs. The band currently consists of Ms. Meka (Vocal Artist & Shaman), Bobby Keller (Lead Guitar), Chris Lane (Drums), Jay Adkisson (Keyboards) and Jarret Robinson (Bass). The War Inside is the bands […]

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Bolu2 Death – Spiral

Bolu2 Death are a four piece metal band that hails from Spain. They formed in 2009 and in 2011 they released their debut album “AVIATE”. The band consists of Mario Lérida (Vocals), Jose Luis Corrales (Guitar), Juan Miguel Ramírez (Bass) and Francisco Llévenes (Drums). Their latest release is “Spiral”. Stand out tracks include lead single […]

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Thirty Seconds to Mars – America

After a mammoth tour around the world (which is still continuing), Thirty Seconds to Mars are back with their killer fourth album, America. The first four tracks on the album do not really need any introduction due to them being previously released to fans, although “Walk on Water” is one kick ass track and a […]

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BackBlast – The Ringmaster

BackBlast is a Heavy Metal band that are from Washington DC and formed in 2015. The band consists of Dan Cunningham (Vocals), Chris Tamberella (Drums), Wilsen Rivera (Bass), Adam Pritcher (Guitar, Backing Vocals) and Jake Ford (Guitar). The Ringmaster is the bands latest release. Opening track “Ringmaster” is an absolute perfect song and sets the […]

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Toxikull – The Nightraiser

Toxikull are a heavy metal band from Portugal that formed in 2016. The band consists of Lex Thunder (Vocals, Guitar), Michael Blade (Guitar), Antim “The Viking” (Vocals, Bass), and The Lorke (Drums). The Nightraiser is the bands latest release. The EP opens with the chaotic “Nightraiser” before kicking into “Surrender or Die”. Then it is onto […]

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Bloodshot Dawn – Reanimation

Bloodshot Dawn are an English heavy metal band that formed in 2003. The band consists of Josh McMorran (Guitar / Vocals), Morgan Reid (Guitar / Vocals), James Stewart (Drums) and Giacomo Gastaldi (Bass). The band latest release is Reanimation. This album is not for the faint hearted. Stand out tracks include the brutal opening track […]

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