Interview with UNSHINE

I recently caught up with Finish metallers, UNSHINE for a quick chat. How did you guys all meet, and what made you form a band? All five of us grew in the same area in the horizontally flat and beautiful countryside of Western Finland. We used to visit same festivals and places where we listened […]

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Sonic Prophecy-Savage Gods

Sonic Prophecy are a five piece, rock band from Utah. They formed in 2008. The band consists of; Vocalist, Shane Provstgaard. Guitarists, Darrin Goodman and Sebastian Martin. Bassist, Ron Zemanek  and drummer, Matt LeFevre. The band have already released two full length albums with “Savage Gods” being their third and latest release. Stand out tacks […]

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Greber – Cemetery Preston

Greber are a Canadian based hardcore duo that consists of drummer Steve Vargas and bassist/vocalist Marc Bourgon. “Cemetery Preston” is the bands latest offering. Stand out tracks include; “Backhanded Interest” is fast and ferocious while “The Wreckers” slightly changes tempo while “By Any Other Name” gives a more hardcore feeling. Then there is “Our Burnt […]

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Unshine- Astrala

Unshine is a five piece metal band hailing from Helsinki, Finland. The band consists of Susanna Vesilahti (vocals), Harri Hautala (guitar, synth), Jari Hautala (guitar), Teemu Vähäkangas (bass) and Jukka Hantula (drums). The band released their debut full length in 2005 and have since grown, “Astrala“ is the bands fifth full length release. While the […]

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Trigger – Cryogenesis

Trigger area five-piece metal band that formed in 2011 and hails from Melbourne, Australia. The band consists of Vocalist, Tim Leopold, Guitarists, Luke Ashley and Sean Solley, Bassist, Matt Ambrose and Drummer, Tim Joyce. Originally their debut “Cryogenesis” was only released in Australia but now it has been released globally. Stand out tracks include the […]

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Noturnall- 9

Noturnall are a Brazilian metal band who grew out of other bands. It is currently made up of Vocalist, Thiago Bianchi. Bassist, Fernando Quesada. Guitarist, Léo Mancini. Keyboardist, Juninho Carelli and Drummer, Aquiles Priester. “9” is the bands thrid release and what a release it is. Opening track “HEY!” is an absolute mind storm. It […]

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The Dead Centuries – Rise Against Me

The Dead Centuries are an intrumental metal band. They are formed of Guitarists Adam Tremblett and Jacob McSheffrey and Drummer, Bryant McNamara. Race Against Time is the bands debut release. Stand out tracks include opening track “Freddy Lounds”, from the beginning it hooks you in. The high energy riffs continue throughout the album. “Reboot” has […]

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Fallen Utopia – Disequilibrium

Fallen Utopia are a five piece metal band who formed in 2006. The members consists  of  Vocalist, Daniel Haslauer, Guitarists Benjamin Knes and Lukas Wald, Bassist, Maximilian Wald and Drummer, Dominic Raunigg. “Disquilibrium“ is the bands first full length release. Stand out tracks include opening track “Dr Muller’s Asylum” as it sets the tone for […]

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