Desolation Angels – King

Desolation Angels are a classic heavy metal band from London. They formed in 1981 and the band consists of Robin Brancher (Guitars), Keith Sharp (Guitars), Paul Taylor (Vocals), Chris Takka (Drums) and Clive Pearson (Bass). After a short break. the band are back with the hotly anticipated album, King. Stand out tracks include opener “Doomsday” […]

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Sleep in Heads – On the Air

Sleep in Heads are a five peice, progressive metal band from the Ukraine. They are made up of Sonya (Vocal), Serj (Guitar), Roman (Drums), Fann (Bass) and Natalia (Violin).. They are named after their vocalist who’s name, which when it is loosely translated, means “sleepyhead”. On the Air is the bands debut full length. The […]

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Sacred Leather – Ultimate Force

Sacred Leather are a five piece heavy metal band from Indiana. The band consists of Dee Wrathchild (Vocals), JJ Highway (Lead Guitar), Magnus LeGrand (Bass Guitar), Carloff Blitz (Lead Guitar) and Jailhouse (Drums). Ultimate Force is the bands latest release. The EP opens with title track “Ultimate Force”, instantly transforming us back to eighties rock […]

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Old Mother Hell – Self Titled

Old Mother Hell are a trio from Germany who formed in 2015. The band consists of Ronald Senft (bass), Ruben André (drums) and Bernd Wener (guitars, vocals). “Old Mother Hell” is the bands debut release. Kicking this 6 track EP off is “Another War”, which introduces the EP perfectly before kicking into the atmospheric “Mountain” […]

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Obscure-Zero Dawn

Obscure are Finnish metal band that formed in 2015. The band consists of P. Veteli (Vocals), J. Heiskanen (Drums), J. Louhisto (Bass), E. Hämäläinen (Guitar), E. Piirainen (Guitar). Zero Dawn is their latest release. This is a 3 track EP that is full of classic metal sounds. Kicking things off is title track “Zero Dawn”. […]

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The Raz- The Raz

The Raz are an exciting new 4 piece band from Colombia. The Raz is made up of 4 different individuals from 4 different decades, in other words, the band consists of Nick Meehan on Guitar, David Scott McBee on Vocals, Adam Shealy on Drums and Dale Raszewski (“Raz”) on Bass. They were formed in 2016 […]

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