Calling for Eden- Simple Reasons EP

Calling for Eden are an eight piece rock band from Texas that formed in 2013. The band consists of KC King- Guitar/Vocals; Zach Braidwood- Bass/ Vocals; Topher Wojan- Drums/Vocals; Cliffo MacGreen- Keys; Chuck ‘Bones’ Mallory- Trombone, Saxaphone;
Mike ‘Mad Dog’ Williams- Trumpet, Bongos, Flute; Chris ‘Ducky’ Matthews- Trombone, AV & IT and Zack Orion- Lead Guitar. “Simple Reasons” is the bands latest release.

The EP kicks off with “Simple is the reason”, which sets the tone for the entire EP. While “Floreeda” is more ska orientated. Where as “Mr Perfect” gives you more of a jazz feel. Then it is onto the catchiness of “Hindsight” and finishing off with the heavier “Can’t Stop”

In all this is an incredibly catchy EP. With a mixture of genres and well written lyrics, this is a perfect soundtrack for those chill out days. These guys are simply awesome.



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